Welcome to East Tennessee Medical Associates

East Tennessee Medical Associates, PC is a group of five Board Certified Nephrologists practicing in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Established in 1978, the practice brought state of the art care for patients with kidney disease to upper East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina. Over the past 30 years, our group has grown in size and expanded its scope to include all forms of dialysis, plasmapheresis and renal transplantation.We see patients with the entire spectrum of kidney disease, including acute and chronic renal failure, renal transplant follow-up, hypertension, and electrolyte abnormalities.  We also coordinate and manage the dialysis needs of patients in Johnson City, Elizabethton, Greenville and Mountain City.

We are delighted to bring these technologies to our patients, but our greatest satisfaction comes from our day to day interaction witheach person who comes through our door.

We focus on professional, compassionate care and make the patient the center of our attention.We try to always remember that “The secret to caring for your patient is caring for your patient.”


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